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When you’re Victoria’s largest municipal council, the problem with buying media for communications is more about logistics, accuracy and reliability than anything else. The City of Greater Geelong needed a firm that could handle several hundred media bookings a month, in all sorts of media, in all formats.

Pace didn’t just reduce their problem, we removed it. We created a customised, online advertising booking and management system that’s now the envy of the free world. Booking is easier, reconciliation is faster and reliability is a whole quantum leap up on what it was. It does more, with less work.

Other clients were quick to see the merits and climbed on board too.


What is Mogul?

Mogul Media Management system has been designed to provide the ultimate control, flexibility and reporting features. The integrated media delivery system ensures timely and accurate delivery of material to the right place at the right time. Comprehensive reporting and tolls allow detailed analysis of media performance and cost-benefit analysis.


Making a Booking

Making a booking is as simple as deciding what size and where. The system will calculate the cost on the basis of the best rate available to you. Once you’re happy with the booking, press the submit button and it will automatically notify the appropriate media. You can even convert a planned schedule to a real booking with one simple action – it will also ensure the publication dates match up if you time-shift your campaign.



You can plan a campaign of media bookings and save them for further tweaks and changes, send them to other people for review or play. When you’re happy with the plan, you can submit all or part of it with the touch of a button.


Save Money

Mogul has the backing of Australia’s longest established advertising company. So not only will the software cost you nothing to buy or use, you can save money through buying power and media strategies.

Quick & Easy Booking

Booking your media is simple with Mogul. Book the best available rate for your chosen ad size and publication in the one go!

Plan Your Campaign

Think ahead and make campaign planning easy and share them with your team.

Save Money

Let our buying power and media strategies save you time and money..