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Time for a Close Shave… 

Advertising and Marketing budgets are under more pressure than ever. To get results you need to shave costs and maximise returns. That’s where we come in. You don’t survive to be Australia’s oldest advertising agency without learning a thing or two about how to get real value for the marketing dollar.

Are you ready to have more effect at less cost? Got a marketing problem you need to solve?

Call us in and we can show you how.


Blinded by Science

Sometimes it’s hard to tell with market research and analysis whether you’re being blinded by science or baffled with bullshit. But there comes a time when you’ve just gotta know: what do the customers think? Is this the right message for our organisation? Am I making the right media decisions?

Then you can either call up one of those research firms where it costs 10 grand to get out of the lift or you can call us. Major retailers do. Multi-national organisations do. They call us when they need to know what is going on and “Please express it in a language the stakeholders can understand – talk like you were addressing a Golden Retriever”. We like to think it’s our fantastic analysis, but we suspect they choose us because a) we get it done quickly and b) it costs a lot less.


What can you achieve in 20 minutes?

Check you emails? Grab a coffee? Tidy your desk? Or change the way you think about what you do? Because in 20 minutes we will put at least one idea in front of you that will challenge your thinking and give you food for later thought. So, once you’ve checked your emails, got a drink and tidied your desk, give us a call and we’ll set something up.