Murrindindi Shire Council | Social Media Strategy

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The Brief

With residents increasingly getting their news online, Murrindindi Shire Council saw a need to refine and improve their multiple social media presences to foster better engagement and two-way communication within the community. Murrindindi Shire Council wanted to use their social media presence to:

  • Help connect with their community quickly, easily and transparently
  • Help to be more responsive and more transparent to their community
  • Enable conversations with their community which could help refine current service delivery and design future service delivery
  • Provide a cost-effective means of communicating and, over time, help reduce a reliance on traditional media
  • Effectively promote Murrindindi Shire’s range of tourism attractions
  • Develop a high level of engagement and empathy with the potential tourism market

Our Method

We conducted extensive research, interviewing key stakeholders to determine exactly what was required for Murrindindi Shire Council to improve communications with their community. By engaging a multitude of voices – from leadership to employees at the coalface – we were able to ensure that all voices were heard, and that any outcomes of the strategy would be supported council-wide.

The Murrindindi Shire Council Social Media Strategy 2020-2023 included:

  • In-depth research and analysis on current Council practices and best-practice social media management
  • Individual analysis and recommendations for each of Council’s social media presences
  • An overarching strategy to improve the use of social media across the entire council
  • Recommendations on data management and analysis, including how to use data and insights to improve social media use
  • Recommendations on archiving and record-keeping, in line with government regulation
  • Recommendations on improving brand image, two-way communication and reputation online
  • Emergency & crisis management plan
  • An itemised action plan to ensure the strategy is acted upon

We worked hard to make sure we delivered a Social Media Strategy that not only a comprehensive, detailed and understandable strategy, but one that was actionable and wouldn’t sit on a shelf collecting dust.

The Result

Murrindindi Shire Council immediately adopted the Social Media Strategy, and set about putting it into action as per the provided Action Plan.

In one year, Murrindindi Shire Council has seen:

  • 50% increase (1.3k) in followers on Murrindindi Shire Council Facebook page
  • 34% increase (6.2k) in followers on Discover Dindi – council’s tourism Facebook page
  • The formation of the Discover Dindi TikTok account, gaining a following of 8.8k, with 53.7 video likes and total video viewership over 720k

Our Social Media Strategies are smart, innovative and effective. We believe in creating strategies that aren’t just academic thought pieces, but are practical, understandable and implementable.