Case Study #308 Supercharged Web Presence

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Harrop, a part of the NatRad Group, is an industry leader in the design, production and distribution of specialised performance upgrades for cars. Their reputation is one of high-quality, top-end parts that can handle any situation. Harrop had an issue though, their business model was split between wholesale distribution and a network of appointed and authorised dealers. What’s more, Harrop’s two areas of expertise are high performance cars and 4WD’s, two vastly different markets. Harrop was in dire need of a refresh and a refocus of their business model, and Pace was keen to help.

Harrop was in need of a digital presence that perfectly captured their industry leader status, appealed to both their markets, permitted online sales and enquiries while not breaking their dealership agreements and, of course, was budget friendly. The perfect challenge.

Pace developed a digital footprint strategy that segmented the market and got the customer to the right place without being intrusive. Visitation for the online store hit over 40,000 unique visitors a month, with engagement some of the highest we’ve ever seen. In short, we supercharged their web presence all on a tight budget.