Case Study #112 - From Print to Online

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Official Visitor Guides: From Print to Online

Official Visitor Guides (OVGs) have been the primary weapon in the tourism industry’s arsenal for quite some time, but we are living in an era of rapid technological revolution. With more and more people trading in trips to visitor centres for easily accessed digital information, the importance of the OVG has been called into question.

Pace has been responsible for the production of a multitude of OVGs over the years including Geelong & the Bellarine, The Great Ocean Road, Wangaratta, Gippsland and even Broken Hill and the Outback! With each project we learn more about the ever-changing needs and habits of tourists and have developed a multi-year strategy to transition our clients from a print only model to one that incorporates both digital and traditional media.

Digital media undoubtedly reigns supreme in our current day and age, but unlike some, we recognize the weight that traditional still carries. Our OVG projects now feature not just a physical guide but a full mobile app version for iOS and Android, allowing travellers to access all the valuable information a town or region has to offer in whichever way suits them best.