Advertising is like cannibalism... it's a people business.

Our People.

Nicholas HeathDirector

Nicholas has been enmeshed in local, state and national marketing for almost three decades. He brings valuable insight and knowledge to Pace, enabling us to anticipate many of the hurdles and issues before they arise. He has consulted throughout Australia and overseas on a hugely diverse range of matters. Nicholas is now a highly sought consultant, board member, and public speaker. Nicholas has a degree in economics (Latrobe) and a Master's Degree (Monash) in ecommunications. He has completed post-graduate studies in marketing at Deakin and RMIT and is preparing to undertake his Doctorate. He is a skilled practitioner of systems and development.

Christine HeathChief Financial Officer

Christine manages everything with dollar figures in it. Christine has worked for some of Australia's largest financial institutions, including National Mutual and Westpac, where she held senior financial administrative roles. Pace was fortunate to secure the services of Christine who is charged with ensuring that projects are professionally and administered within financial constraints. Christine administers major projects, budgets and financials.

Ed Jones Account Director

Ed has developed, directed and implemented some of Pace's most successful projects in his time, winning a number of awards along the way. With extensive experience handling all levels of diverse industries, Ed plays an invaluable role in delivering Pace's major projects to the utmost highest quality and detail. Ed has a passion for combining strategy, marketing, finance and a vast knowledge of rapidly changing technologies to reach new growth opportunities. Ed provides for a direct project liaison and assists Nicholas with project direction, management and implementation.

Scott PigdonProduction Manager

As quality assurance officer for Pace, Scott has over 15 years of experience in production and work-flow management at a senior level. He is responsible for ensuring the job progress from supervision of the art department through to the press check at the printers. Scott ensures that protocols and procedures are in place to comply with our ISO 9000 quality assurance management system. With a strong background in graphic design, Scott will ensure all deliverables meet full specification and requirements.

Sophia BlakebroughSenior Account Manager

Sophia originally interned at Pace in 2012 while studying Public Relations at Deakin University, and we wouldn't let her go. She joined the team full-time after completing her degree in 2013, focussing primarily on Pace's work for tourism, travel, national retail brands and major events. As primary contact and account executive, it will be Sophia's job to ensure all day-to-day tasks are completed when it should be and to schedule activities to happen in a timely manner. She has been a catalyst in developing the Pace approach to e-communication and in providing innovative and cost-effective creative solutions for new media.

Budda Allan Pile Senior IT & Developer

Budda is responsible for all things IT - programming, coding and in several languages, intranets, extranets, technical specifications, apps - you name it, he's a genius at it. Budda is extremely good at custom coding but he's also very happy to use existing systems and open source code. He's the answer to ALMOST all IT requirements, and he's one of the few IT guys that you actually have a conversation with. And better still, Budda loves a challenge - he's constantly looking for new or better ways of handling all things IT. Budda will consult on all digital and technical requirements, playing a valuable role in implementation where required.

Elli SharplesAccount Executive

The newest member of the family, Elli graduated from RMIT University with Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations) in 2018. Since graduation, she has worked in various Marketing and Communications roles in both Melbourne and Geelong. With her previous roles strongly focused around client relationship management, she is excited to experience the variety of fields and challenges that encompass life in an agency. She has experience in digital communication, social media marketing and project management and a strong drive to achieve all tasks to the best of her abilities. With a passion for working in team orientated environments, Elli is excited for what she can achieve in the PACE team.

Georgia SkeneAccount Executive

After interning at Pace as part of her Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations) at Deakin University, we just couldn't let Georgia go. She has amassed experience across a multitude of fields including event management, brand activation, EDM and social media marketing, copywriting and photo editing while working for employers like K-Rock/Bay FM and the City of Greater Geelong. Georgia's unbeatable work ethic and willingness to go above and beyond mean she's a perfect fit in the Pace family.

Tom LyonsAccount Executive

Tom joined the Pace team after completing an internship here as part of his Bachelor of Business (Marketing) at RMIT. A love of writing, meticulous attention to detail and willingness to jump head first into any situation made Tom a great all-rounder that fit seamlessly into the Pace family. As such, he's gained a wide range of experiences, including work on key Pace projects like the Silver Rush and Geemanji campaigns, liaising with operators for OVG projects, digital and social media content creation, copywriting and editing.

Rory DouglasGraphic & Multimedia Designer

Rory is an experienced and gifted designer with over 10 years' experience across a variety of design, print and advertising agencies, having most recently designed in-house at Target Australia. Rory completed his Diploma at RMIT, giving him a very keen eye for detail and strong understanding how visual communication must adapt across of all areas of design including websites, magazines, Apps and business collateral. When Rory's not busy designing, he loves chasing the surf, playing video games and spending time with his baby daughter, Isabel.

Mick SowryCreative Director

Mick is a highly experienced creative with a mind that communicates best through stories. Having worked at US Advertising, Tognetti and ACO amongst others, Mick has a depth of knowledge and understanding of visual communication and is a pioneer in his field. Since a career adjustment a decade ago, Mick has since spent countless hours capturing and editing footage as a part of deep interests in film and music collaboration. Mick and Pace team up where passions and experience are ignited to create award-winning outcomes.

James 'Boggins' ConteDigital Designer

James is the Pace go-getter, the guy who will run a million miles at any job until he gets the best possible outcome for his clients. James has an Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design and has since specialised in multimedia, digital production and design, helping Pace develop hundreds of high-end Google HTML5 and social media ads each month. No matter what job you give James, it's always received with a grin and a can-do attitude. When he isn't madly ticking things off his to-do list, you'll find him munching on M&M's (sometimes even as second breakfast), absorbed in a video game or heading off to soccer training.

Simon GarnerCopy Writer and Multimedia Producer

Simon is a heavily experienced teacher, journalist, writer, editor and producer of video and other multimedia learning resources. Simon's ability to capture complex materials and translate them to cohesive, human readable material is a major asset for Pace. His ability to create engaging, interesting to read copy is what separates him from middleweight writers.

Nick JonesDigital Producer

Nick Jones thought Pace was so nice, he's worked here twice! Nick first started to contribute to the Pace team at the age of 10 by clearing out the biscuit tin and has been working hard ever since to keep it to an optimum level (so he can empty it again). He has a Commerce Degree with a major in Management and Business Analytics and while he originally started working as a dev, he has since migrated to the client facing side. Nick is stellar at translating the business requirements and client speak into technical jargon for the team internally to get the best solution. There isn't a number of projects Nick cannot manage at once, and he does it all with a calm and cool demeanor.

Chris SagerEvents Coordinator

For over 4 years, Chris has been a wealth of experience to the Pace team. His extensive project management and event management skills have proven invaluable to the events arm of the Pace business. Chris' work on major events like the Geelong Revival Motoring Festival and All Ford Day have helped to grow Pace into a sophisticated and experienced event management team. Chris also has experience in financial planning, forecasting, demographic research and community engagement, just to name a few of his many skills.

Riz OliverosLead Designer & Web Developer

Riz codes in his sleep… no seriously, once he woke up he had already planned an entire PHP programs in his head. Whether it's integrating custom SQL databases or writing complicated website plugins or modules, Riz is the Wiz. If that wasn't enough Riz is also a freak designer having the uncanny ability to look at a piece of design and see the value and balance of its components, color, share & texture. Let's be honest, he's the perfect web designer.

Ted IllingworthProduction Assistant

Is there anything that Teddy can't do? Ted's role as a production assistant sees him jump on just about any task that needs his keen eye and unique skill set. Ted's work encompasses many of our major events including the Geelong Revival Motoring Festival and All Ford Day, where you can find him doing everything from setting up fencing to co-ordinating participants. Ever the joker, Ted is our resident class clown, never failing to bring a grin to the entire office.

Emily BeaumontAccount Executive

Emily is new to the Pace team, having graduated with a Bachelor of Management (Event Management) and a Graduate Diploma of Marketing from Deakin University. Through completing internships with both Deakin University’s Community Engagement team and the City of Greater Geelong’s Arts & Culture department, Emily has had experience in the organisation and management of Major Events, such as Geelong After Dark. With customer service and administration experience, coupled with organisational and communication skills, we’re keen for what Emily can bring to the table as one of our newest Account Executives.

Brad LukeVideographer

Brad has been a part of Pace for nearly 20 years and is responsible each year for producing over 30 video and television productions in broadcast quality along with numerous pieces of digital content and multimedia. Brad is a talented musician and has penned many of the pieces of music and jingles that have taken Pace to the award winning level.

Greg ForsterVideo & Photography

Greg's 10+ years of experience in both photography and videography make him an important part of the Pace family. An invaluable addition to our art team, Greg's work covers automotive, tourism, home design and retail, not to mention whatever a new client will throw at us. Greg's confidence in both video and still photography has proven helpful time and time again, as he'll often shoot both in the same session.

Abbey JaneCopywriter

With 12 years' experience as a professional writer and some large agencies like Clemenger on her résumé, Abbey is our go-to for sharp, contemporary and well-informed copy. Having worked on some of Pace's key campaigns including Victory Blinds, Tourism Victoria and VicHealth, Abbey's writing is as adaptive as it is engaging. Abbey's expertise in creative writing, content writing and campaign creative development mean we can always count on her to deliver attention-grabbing content, no matter the client.

Dale HauslerSafety & Communications Officer

Dale's background as a firefighter and his passion for emergency management brought him to Pace as our dedicated Safety & Communications Officer across all our events. Currently studying a Bachelor of Emergency Management at Charles Sturt University, Dale has a deep understanding of how to handle any potential issue in a safe and effective manner. Having worked on our major events, including the Geelong Revival Motoring Festival and All Ford Day for nearly 5 years, we know we can count on Dale in any situation.

James HeathProduction Assistant

As a production assistant for Pace, James can be counted on to deliver quick and effective on-site support across a number of our major events. You can catch James darting around the Geelong Revival Motoring Festival and All Ford Day in order to make sure everything is running smoothly and both visitors and participants are getting the best possible experience. When there is a problem, you can be sure that James will be there to fix it.