In change, there is opportunity.

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You don’t get to be Australia’s oldest advertising and marketing company without learning a few things. For over 60 years Pace has been helping clients weather the storms. We’ve seen wars, recessions, financial crisis, sacking of governments, terrorist attacks, fires, floods and disease wreak havoc.

This isn’t our first rodeo. This isn’t even our first flu pandemic. We know how to survive tough times and we can help you too.

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With social distancing, business shutdowns and government regulations and rules tightening every day, it's never been more important to make sure your business is prepared for the uncertainty of the times ahead through digital online operation. 

To survive and thrive you need to be able to reduce expenditure and make sure every dollar is spent efficiently. That’s where we come in. Getting value for your money has always been our mantra. We bring decades of experience to bear, providing tailored solutions and identifying opportunities for you.

So, whether its reworking your marketing or rapidly deploying digital solutions or if you just need some advice, get in touch. The best news is that the first consultation is free.

To support business operators during this difficult time, Pace will:

  • Provide a courtesy consultation via phone or Zoom
  • 20% discount for new web and digital projects
  • Monthly payment plans for projects

If you would like help or advice on how you can creatively pivot your business to an online model, get in contact with us by calling 03 5273 4777 or by emailing info@pace.com.au. We are here to help.

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