Case Study #308 Supercharged Web Presence

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Harrop – a part of the NatRad Group, design, produce and distribute specialised performance upgrades for cars. The have a reputation as one of the highest quality providers of top-end surperchargers and locking differentials. But they have a split business model. Some products they wholesale distribute, others go through an appointed and authorised dealer network. Some work is handled direct from their Melbourne Factory. Their two areas of speciality are high performance cars and 4WD’s – two markets that you never normally see in the same space. Oh, then there is the specialised work done for the aerospace industry and others. Plus, with the closing of local vehicle manufacture, their entire business model and focus would need to change.

All Harrop needed was a digital presence that perfectly captured that…and permitted online sales and enquiry, but didn’t break their dealership agreements…And was scalable and paid back its investment.


That’s exactly the type of challenge we love.

Pace developed a digital footprint strategy that segmented their market and got the customer to the right place without being intrusive. The online store is killing it. The visitation is hitting 40k unique visitors a month. The engagement I some of the highest we’ve ever seen. In short, we supercharged their web presence and add a limited slip diff to it (see what we did there?). Seriously, check it out.