Case Study #94 - PaintRight

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Pace is a long-established firm with a history of work with long and established brands. We have worked as an integrated marketing resource for a variety of large Australian retail companies. Just one of these is PaintRight, the retail arm of Haymes Paint. Having worked with their 60 PaintRight stores nationally for over 10 years, we have become very familiar with the challenges that different stores experience and have formed a thorough understanding of how each store operates. If they have a problem at 8pm on a Thursday night, you bet that we will always be there to help PaintRight out. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of the PaintRight office and are just a phone call and email away. From rolling out national campaigns and establishing showroom buy-in, to distributing and hanging Point of Sale material, Pace is very experienced at getting the job done swiftly, delivering consistent brand messaging and without breaking the bank.