Case Study #49 - November 2 Remember

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So where does the peak body of the thriving San Francisco retail district go for its digital and promotional needs? Silicon Valley? Los Angeles? Nope. They go to Geelong.

The San Francisco retailers had a problem. Despite being one of the busiest retail districts in the world, it wasn’t converting to sales. Why not? Because the millions of tourists had pushed many of the locals out. It was easier to shop in the suburbs. Retail is a global business. So, when San Francisco had a look around for best practice they stumbled across the campaign Pace had developed for Central Geelong, based on work done in Ballarat by Pace decades before. The Central Geelong project had gone on to win state and national awards. And THAT is what got the attention of the San Francisco retailers.

A few emails later and some phone calls, and the San Francisco November 2 Remember campaign went live 90 days later and was a terrific success. It included a W/App, trader buy in and some great design. Suddenly locals were back in the CBD shops. Engagement was off the charts. Stores reported record sales. Remarketing is now a breeze with the App.

The best bit? The tourists climbed on board as well and started spending in retail stores that weren’t tourist oriented. So when you’re looking for a world beating campaign in a major global city, sometimes you have to think small.