Case Study #37 - A Taste of Victory

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Victory Curtains and Blinds had a problem. They had a corporate image that was getting jaded and a marketing budget that was being stretched to the limit. Should they ditch their jingle and re-invent the brand? How should they best spend their marketing budget?

After a little bit of market research, we discovered that the Victory jingle was actually the best recognised intellectual property we’d ever seen. Our recommendation? Update the jingle and evolve the brand, so that the existing brand equity is preserved. We also helped Victory to shift its media focus towards online and their creative development towards a new generation of customers.

Recently we’ve worked closely with Victory to show off its best assets; their ability to inspire, their innovative range and their handy hints to help customers prolong the life of their blinds.

And this isn’t just about shooting some pretty photography. In an age where content is king online, we’ve helped Victory build a full suite of digital material that engages, inspires and informs customers with How To YouTube videos, blog posts that show off the latest trends and thought-provoking social media posts that keep Victory customers coming back for more.

The result? In an increasingly competitive market Victory Blinds is one of the most recognised brands out there and the sales follow...