Case Study #112 - From Print to Online

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Official Visitor Guides: From Print to Online

Official Visitor Guides have been a mainstay of the tourism industry for decades. You raise the revenue with ad sales, develop the content and print... what could be simpler? However, the move away from traditional print media to online and especially mobile online puts a cloud on the horizon. We have already seen visitor centre numbers decline as people change the way they consume information. What to do with Official Visitor Guides?

Pace has produced guides for many regions in Victoria, including Geelong and the Bellarine, Great Ocean Road, 12 Apostles, Wangaratta and Gippsland - just to name a few.  The problem is - how do you take it online and maintain your cost recovery, whilst covering both digital and tradition consumers?

Pace developed a multi-year strategy that would see the move from a print-only model to an print + online model, and eventually to online-only.

In year one we created a digital version of the book in PDF format that could be downloaded or viewed from a website, which as a bonus for advertisers who were not charged additional. In year two we produced a mobile version of the OVG and advertisers were encouraged to value ad their offering in it. In year three we have produced a print version and a full mobile app version for IOS and Android. Advertising in the App was charged for and operator appetite was so good that it exceeded budget.

Looking back, it seems obvious, doesn’t it? News Ltd and Fairfax haven’t managed it yet...