Advertising is like cannibalism... it's a people business.

Our People.

Nicholas Heath (Director)

With over 25 years in marketing and advertising, Nick knows a thing or two and he usually has something to say about everything. Nicholas has a degree in economics (Latrobe) and a Master's Degree (Monash) in e-communications. He has completed post-graduate studies in marketing at Deakin and RMIT and is preparing to undertake his Doctorate, with a thesis topic relating to e-marketing. He’s a highly skilled practitioner of marketing for both tourism and economic development making him highly sought after Australia-wide.

Christine Heath (Finance Manager)

Christine is an extremely experienced media liaison and holds extensive knowledge about managing finances, planning budgets and recapitulating results. Christine has worked for some of Australia's largest financial institutions, including National Mutual and Westpac, where she held senior financial administrative and management roles. Pace was fortunate to secure Christine’s services in implementing comprehensive financial planning and highly-analytical abilities.

Scott Pigdon (Production Manager)

As quality assurance officer for Pace, Scott has over 15 years of experience in production and workflow management at a senior level. Scott's ensures that protocols and procedures are in place to comply with our ISO 9000 quality assurance management system. Scott is also a qualified and experienced event manager, as the Motorsport Director of Geelong Revival Motoring Festival, active Board Member for the Geelong Motorsport Club and Venue Manager for one of Geelong's largest historical industry museums, the Geelong Museum of Motoring.


Ed Jones (Account Manager)

Ed leads Pace's account service department and works alongside Nick (Director) to ensure timely management and delivery of all projects, industry innovation and new business development. Having worked across design, web, digital and a long list of Pace's major clients, Ed has a very keen eye for detail and always has client interests at heart. Ed has delivered award winning contracts across retail, design, marketing and web and oversees all client accounts. When Ed has a free moment he’s usually busy renovating a house or trying to master a new skill or three!


Budda Allan Pile (Lead Web Developer)

Budda (yes, that’s his preferred name) is simply a web genius - And no, there is no other way to describe it. Budda has over 15 years’ experience in web, App and digital development. He's a PHP coder by nature, but his skills and knowledge cover a vast range of digital services and he's always up-to-date with technical innovation. Surprisingly for a tech-head he has a pleasant personality and can communicate very well too! Budda thrives in systems design, security and is very adept in producing products that are sensitive to both management requirements and customer needs.


Lauren Gwyn (Designer)

Lauren is an experienced and gifted Multimedia designer who is as comfortable in digital media as she is in traditional media. Lauren completed her Bachelor of Design at RMIT, giving her a very keen eye for detail and strong understanding of how visual communication must adapt across all areas of design including state-of the art websites, magazines, Apps and business collateral. Lauren’s personal time is consumed with competing internationally in hockey, rebuilding motorbikes, playing guitar and drums and recently spending a month touring Africa.


Sophia Blakebrough (Account Executive)

Sophia is Pace's lead social secretary account executive with a background and keen interest in public relations. Sophia loves to write and has amassed extensive experience in developing communication campaigns throughout Australia and overseas. She has been a catalyst in developing the Pace approach to e-communication and in providing innovative and cost-effective creative solutions for new media. Whilst she will happily slow down to talk to her clients at any hour of the day, Sophia leads every account with an impressive work ethic that sees high-end quality and timely results.


Wendy Torres (Account Executive)

Wendy is our latest and greatest addition to the Pace team! Wendy has a very strong background in event management, marketing and public relations. She is fantastic at managing clients and ensuring all their needs and goals are met. Wendy is very easy going and a bit of a perfectionist, so you can be sure everything will be double checked and incredibly organised. When she’s not busy servicing clients, Wendy is plays mother to two beautiful foxie terriers!


Brad Luke (Videographer)

Brad is an artist, a videographer and one hell of a singer. On the weekends Brad's on stage getting his weekly encore and teaching guitar, but during the working week he's developing media packages, YouTube videos television commercials and radio ads that are either effective, retail, creative, funny or a combination of everything. He knows his stuff and will work 'til the job’s done, only every now and then will keep singing until the entire office goes nuts.